Saturday, March 19, 2005

Annual forum to enhance women's leadership skills - Gulf News

"The conference has become an international forum that will be organised annually. It aims to assist students in exchanging pioneering ideas and programmes dedicated to women's issues," said Dr Hanif Hassan, Vice-President of Zayed University.
Interesting that Hanif is a man. It reflects well on Zayed University that a man can speak to women's issues.

Regarding leadership, women are already blowing men out of the water. It's not enhancement of leadership skills they need, it's the chance to use their leadership skills.

Poor turnout by Arab women:

When asked about the poor turnout of Arab women at the three-day conference, he said: "The Arab women's participation in the conference was poor. Many Arab personalities were invited but, unfortunately, they couldn't show up.
Perhaps Arab women did not attend because they have tired of the lipservice given to including women in leadership -- in all aspects of life including, but not limited to, "women's issues." They will show up when reality starts to match rhetoric.


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