Saturday, March 19, 2005

Brain drain from RAK labour department - Khaleej Times
"the decision would work against the emiratisation policy of the government"

As noted in earlier posts, the new UAE Minister of Labour has told his agency employees that they must give up any private businesses they have that rely on sponsoring expat labor.

A group of employees in the RAK labour department respond:
Most of them were unanimous in admitting that such a move may force some of them to make money through unethical or illegal means. “Besides, it would also be reflected in the quality of our work since many of us may be reluctant to do our job efficiently, or do it grudgingly,” an official said. The officials also believe that the decision would work against the emiratisation policy of the government since it had set in motion brain drain from the department, in that some of the highly qualified senior employees had quit their posts on account of the ban on sponsorship.
That about covers all the bases: (1) it's not our fault we've gone into crime, (2) our boss's attitude took away our incentive to work, and (3) if we leave our jobs (which are to give permission for ex pat labor to enter the country) we will be out of work, contributing to the problem of the low number of Emiratis employed in the private sector. (What a minute! I thought the Labour Ministry was in the public sector.)



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