Saturday, March 19, 2005

National Office of Electricity has outsourced employees for 20 years - Morocco Times

"The workers have been doing their jobs for more than 20 years. Every time the ONE outsources its repair and cleaning services, the workers of the ONE are guaranteed their rights of work. But this time it has betrayed us. We have been working for ONE and it is the only party responsible for our situation," said Abd Al Karim.

He explained that whenever a new company started its work, an official from the ONE would always inform the workers about the name of the company and the time during which they would work for it. However, they were surprised, after having worked three days with the new company (Eurest Sante), when on the fourth day they were denied access to the building and were informed that they were no longer working for it. They were told by Eurest Sante they had to sue the former company (Atlas Service).

However, the manager of the administrative department of the ONE, Fatihi Abd Al- Wahab, denied that these workers had ever worked for the ONE.

"The demonstrators say that they have worked with the ONE for more that 20 years. The company has never had permanent repair and cleaning services' workers. There is really a misunderstanding. When the ONE outsources these two services, the new company recruits some workers of the former company. But the ONE has never had permanent workers. Never. Otherwise, thousands of employees who served the company years ago would have been unemployed," said Abd Al- Wahab.

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