Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sharjah recommendations committee has none - Khaleej Times

SHARJAH — In an unprecedented move, the Sharjah Consultative Council has decided not to give any recommendations to the Planning and Survey Department (PSD) since it had failed to implement earlier recommendations of the Council.
A members of the Council, who didn’t want to be quoted, said: “This is democracy and this is how we should work. If the Council’s recommendations are not taken seriously, why should we continue giving recommendations? It is an unprecedented and bold step been taken by the Recommendation Committee this time. A similar move was initiated earlier at the national level by the National Council,” another member recalled, adding that the Department did not improve its services despite it being brought to its notice several times.
“The problem of crowds is not because of lack of decentralisation, but more because people are not willing to listen to officials and accept rules for grant of lands,” he said, adding that sometimes, people approach him for bigger plots of land than what was sanctioned to them. Then there are cases where an applicant seeks land for each member of his family, like in the case of a person who applied for land not only for himself but also for his eight children. With limited availability of land, they should realise it is not possible,” he said.

Dr Al Midfa also brought to the Department’s notice the need to have strategic road planning which should take into consideration anticipated demand and the plans of neighbouring emirates.
The picture is cloudy. Is the Planning and Survey Department doing it's job, or is being criticized for not handing out favor? Hard to tell, but either possibility is newsworthy.


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