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Narrative on Hereford Chiltons - GenForum

Written by my father.

One of my favorite bits is this:

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Stephen arrived in Virginia some time before 1663. Lancaster County records of 1665 reveal that he was "ordered layde in the stocks for demeaning himself uncivilly in court." And 20 years later he was cited for appearing drunk in court and committed to stocks. Stephen may have made trips back to England in 1666 and again in 1670. He acquired and sold lands in Lancaster. He was sometime surveyor of highways and served in horse service in the county militia. Stephen had two wives. In his will he says his wife Mary had eloped and gone away which may explain why he left her "one shilling 6 pence and no more." By his first wife Elizabeth he had 8 children.
Immigrant John too was found in contempt of court. In 1685 he had three times to repeat his recantation of the deed of rescuing one William Hearde from the Stocks. In 1687 John was appointed for horse service in county militia. In 1703 he sold his home plantation to Robert Carter, moved to Westmoreland county where he died 4 years later. He named his wife, Jone [Joan], and 5 children in his will. Other records identify 4 more children:

1 John (c.1666-1726) as early as 1697 bought land in Westmoreland where he made his home on Curriomen Creek. He acquired large holdings in Westmoreland and Stafford. "On 1 June 1699 John Hartley charged in court that John Chilton combined and confederated with others and unlawfully burned and destroyed a periwig and hat belonging to Hartley." In 1711 he was sworn in as justice of the peace. In 1724 Capt. John Chilton was in the Westmoreland militia. John had two wives. The first (name unknown) bore him sons John and Thomas. Before April 1718 he remarried to Mary --- Bowcock Watts Summerville who had children only by the first two of her three previous husbands. On the Tombstone of John, son of immigrant John, found about 1920 at "Curriomen", is written: "Here/Lyeth in hopes of a/Joyfull Resurrection the/Body of Mr. John Chilton/Merchant who Departed/this life the 11th day of July/Anno Domini 1726 Aged/about 60 years."

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These folks seem to have had quite a few relatives who served in the Revolution under another of my relatives.

If anyone has any information on
"SHAW'S NOTES ON KENT, (1660) P. 186" from a transcript found in files of the Mary Ball Washington Library, a geneological library, in Lancaster, Va.
please let me know. I am, John Blackwell Chilton.


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