Friday, April 01, 2005

US plans to help India become major power - Publius Pundit

India, of course, would still be an all-round basketcase if it had not gotten its act together economic policywise. Bravo for the unassuming Indian economist and reluctant politician who did that out of desperation.

It probably is in the US interest to have a strong beacon on the hill in that part of the world. The US needed to reward Pakistan for making difficult choices in the war against terror, but it's not in the US interest to change the balance of power between Pakistan and India.

PubliusPundit wraps his analysis with an analogy to checkmate. Perhaps the better analogy for US objectives in the region is stalemate.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed. I think the checkmate comes in the stalemate though. Totalitarian governments are unsustainable in the long run, which is why I think that eventually China will be forced to go democratic the more its economy liberalizes. Though, I'm one of the few :)

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