Saturday, March 11, 2006

Congress to UAE: Can You Hear Me Now? :: Cassandra


As TigerHawk writes,
The political reaction to the Dubai ports deal was American nativism at its worst, an embarrassment to the country. I was going to write about this, but Cassandra, our occasional partner in crime, so precisely eviscerates the culprits that even attempting to top her would be a waste of time.



Blogger Richard said...

Thanks for that great link to Cassandra. While we may've lost the battle, I think this idiotic mess will continue to resonate. Someday, maybe the American public will understand that we were right on this & they were, well, blithering idiots.

Did you read that utterly stupid NYT piece yesterday saying there likely wouldn't be much downside fr. the termination of the deal. In fact, it might have an upside in that it will ease pressure on other upcoming Dubai & foreign-related trade transactions. Utter nonsense.

In fact, I hope that the emirates are suitably vindictive about this (& I never thought I'd say this sort of thing). We Yanks have this notion that what we do & say has no repurcussions. My countryment have to learn that their xenophobia has a price, a price in lost American commerce and jobs (when you lose those foreign contracts).

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