Saturday, March 15, 2008

Secret Dubai on Dubai and the media

Part of the problem in Dubai is that far too many senior officials have no perspective when it comes to local press versus international coverage. They have a very "village green" attitude, and will obsess over a perceived impertinence in a local rag read predominantly by Jumeirah Janes and Tecom commuters while ignoring serious social and political problems that get picked up by global heavyweights such as the FT and the Economist.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Emirates Economist - I enjoy reading your blog but due to the recent blockage of blogspot blogs by my Dubai ISP, I cannot visit your site on the web except thru a proxy.

Good thing the RSS feeds still work but would it be possible for you to publish the full feed instead of just the first paragraph? This would make it easier to read your content instead of having to find a new proxy each time.

9:16 PM  

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