Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christopher Davidson interview

From here:
Christopher Davidson, a professor at Durham University in the U.K., talks with Bloomberg's Tom Keene about his book, ``Dubai: The Vulnerability of Success'' and the ban on the book in Dubai, the history of the emirate and possible impact of the global financial crisis on Dubai's economy.
Follow link to reach a link to the 26 minute audio interview.

I remain agnostic about whether the book was banned -- that appears to me unproved -- but Davidson does say the book still is not on the shelves in late October although he anticipates that it will be in time.

From the interview it's clear why Davidson is being relied upon by the press for good insight into the UAE. He's a sharp observer and gets to point quickly.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to Magrudy's @ Ibn Battuta last week and the book was not on the shelves, and of course nobody knew if it will be in the future


12:37 PM  

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