Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paragraphs to ponder

And it was decreed...
Dubai World is a decree corporation, meaning it was established through a decree of the Ruler of Dubai, and consequently has a unique legal status. Among other matters, the obligations of Dubai World are not guaranteed by the Government.

Due to its status as a decree corporation, Dubai World does not have the ability to seek protection under the provisions of the UAE Commercial Code that govern bankruptcy and insolvency (see Part 5 (Bankruptcy and Composition) of Law No. 18 of 1993 (UAE Commercial Transactions Law).

Because of the absence of a reorganization law applicable to Dubai World, the Government of Dubai developed the Decree, which provides a legal framework for the restructuring of the obligations of Dubai World and its subsidiaries. The Government’s intention was to develop a law that would permit a restructuring of the obligations of Dubai World and its subsidiaries in accordance with international best practices following a fair, equitable and transparent legal process.
From a Gulf News story about Decree No. 57 of 2009, effective as of 13 December 2009, the date on which it was signed by the Ruler of Dubai.


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