Friday, February 25, 2005

Mr Bush goes to Europe - BBC Reporter's Blog

QUOTE. The president is wonderfully un-European - refreshingly so in the view of those of us who have worked in Brussels.

He is unsmooth. He stumbles over his sentences. He uses short, plain, sometimes almost babyish words, while the sophisticated multilingual Euro crowd prefer obfuscatory long ones.
And he gets a clear message across, like it or not. He has no need of spin.

It was interesting that on the White House bus back into town, the journalists did not need to compare notes or discuss the president's words and what they meant.


Anonymous Luke Goldmember said...

I used to think of bush as a simpleton..but one has to admit the man is an accomplished liar, a class puppet (with karl rove being the master puppeteer)...and that has made me realize ol' bushie may not be so dumb after all...

PS. that word verification thing is irritating as hell

6:53 PM  

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