Thursday, March 24, 2005

‘No stateless people in UAE’ - Khaleej Times

That headline raised my eybrows. 80% of UAE residents are noncitizens, people from other countries, or in a significant number of cases from no country - or at least their status is ambiguous and for them unsettling - not to make a pun. I'm thinking especially of groups such as Palestinian families, and the persons born here whose families have lived in the UAE for a generation or two - who think of the UAE as home, and who may not have established citizenship in their home country.

But the article is about illegal immigrants who are seeking Bedoin status, presumably to eventually claim UAE citizenship:

A senior official at the Ministry of Interior has said that there are no Bedon‘ or stateless people in the UAE. "There is no such a category here in this country. No one can claim that he or she is a bedon. Anyone must be knowing where he or she belongs to. Everyone knows to where his roots go,” Brigadier Hadhir Khalaf Al Muhairi, Director-General of Naturalisation and Residence General Directorate, told newsmen at his office on Tuesday.

Brig Muhairi was talking about the issue of illegal immigrants especially infiltrators who sneak into the country and after years claim they are bedon. "Nobody buys this. This is the age of technology and our systems, entry and exit points, as well as our records show whether a person is a UAE citizen or not," he said.
Concepts: bedon. Look here also.


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