Thursday, March 31, 2005

Performance Problems on Google's Blogger Service - SearchEngineWatch: "...this InfoWorld article: Google's Blogger faces performance problems quotes an item on Blogger's Buzz Blog that the main issue is electrical power. 'Performance is a huge priority for us and we're adding a bunch of new machines right now to speed things up,' Stone wrote. 'New machines are not an issue because here at Google we can add them quite smoothly as needed. The real issue is power -- actual electricity, if you can believe it. So now we're adding more power in addition to more machines.' Google's electrical power issues have been mentioned in the past. "

Indeed. Thinking that the service problems of recent days were behind me, I went to post this without backing up my work on my PC. I lost my work. I'm saving this one "just" to be on the safe side.

UPDATE: Internal (?whose internals?) error on the second attempt! Glad I saved my work.


Blogger McGroarty said...

I'm also seeing a huge increase in blogger-based link farms -- fake blogs created with tons of linkspam. I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of programatically created weblogs were devouring resources and Google/Blogger just haven't caught these yet.

2:10 AM  

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