Sunday, May 01, 2005

Development project at planned Dubai train station - ameinfo: "Park Square hosts unique features which include the development being within Zabeel Park which is a twin park which flanks either side of the development. The development itself will comprise of business, commercial, residential, leisure and entertainment. Add to this the location of the Dubai Metro Headquarters and one large train station and it is a receipe for unprecedented value for money. Park and Ride facilities will ensure a hassle-free, congestion free area and at the same time provide a central quick and easy connection by rail to all major parts of the city. The development is only 11 minutes train ride away from the Dubai International Airport and 14 minutes from Jebel Ali. The Metro Rapid Train will have the capacity to carry 170 million passengers a year and will be able to cope with Dubai's anticipated annual population growth rate of 6%. This is reflected in the projected passenger carrying figures for 2020 of 1.8 million passengers daily and 570 million annually."

Big numbers. I wonder if they will materialize. And if they do if the development will be as uncongested as predicted.


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