Saturday, May 14, 2005

Handbook for the Oppressed 'Competitor' - Khaleej Times

There must be handbook out there (translated into most of the World's languages) explaining what wording to use to pretend to be an oppressed competitor when in fact you are part of a government (dis)-organized monopoly:

Drivers at the taxi stand have repeatedly complained to the Fujairah Municipality’s Traffic and Licensing Department that some of the taxis supposed to operate within the city had been ‘poaching’ passengers and taking them to other emirates without official permission.

The ‘poachers’ go to the extent of luring away passengers from the official taxi stand with lower tariff and faster services.

Ahmed Ali, a driver in the official taxi stand, said: “Rogue drivers are challenging the national drivers with unfair competition. We contacted the Fujairah Municipality in this regard, but the officials keep promising us without any action to protect us. We are facing an organised mafia, we want the municipality to prevent the taxi drivers who work within the boundaries of Fujairah from transporting passengers to other emirates, since they are taking away from us Dh15.” He added that only 50 drivers are officially allowed to do the job.

[Emphasis added.]


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