Monday, May 23, 2005

Sharia deans want women judges in Gulf courts :: Gulf News

Abdul Rahim Al Kuwairi, a legal consultant and former dean of Sharia at Qatar University, said the exclusion of women from Qatari and Gulf courts created a void in the judiciary's performance.
There are no women judges in the Gulf courts, he said, although female students represent the majority of those attending law faculties in the region.
Asked whether the country would be ready to accept women judges in courts, [Aisha Al Mannai, dean of the faculty of Sharia at Qatar University] said: "I think women are still discriminated against and there is still scepticism of their capabilities, especially in some spheres of society," she said.

However, she said women would undoubtedly improve the performance of the judiciary. "Women would have a more open approach and wider perspective. They would help implement a more modern and maybe 'fairer' personal law, taking into consideration the needs of the weakest in the family, such as women and children," she said.



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