Thursday, June 02, 2005

Blue Man takes on Canadian mores :: Girl on the Right

The American Blue Man is not behaving like a good guest worker enterprise. They should respect the customs and mores of the Canadian people. Even if that means discriminating against nonconformist Canadians who choose not to join a union.

Or something like that.

My philosophy at The Emirates Economist is that I am a guest economist in the Emirates. My hosts expect that I will do what economists do -- otherwise I would not have been invited. That includes offering expert opinions on government policy and the consequences of institutional structures. Part of that is expressing those opinions in a way that will increase the likelihood they will be heard. This is what I do -- or, rather, try to do -- in my day job and at The EmEc.

When my posts stray off into news from Europe, or the U.S., or Canada, my remarks take on more of an edge. (For example, the mocking tone I took on in the opening paragraph above or my recent post on Bush's social market leanings.) When you are a guest you take off some of the edge. Simply put, it's not my country. I have options other than ranting. I can exit when I want. I don't want to. This place has been good to me and for me.

This is my blog and it will reflect my interests. But even when my posts appear off-topic for The Emirates Economist, most often I have in the back of my mind that there is the possibility they provide an object lesson for U.A.E. residents (nationals and expatriates). Or give insight into what makes me think the way I do about economic issues within the U.A.E.


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