Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Brawling UAE national youth :: Khaleej Times
DUBAI — An Egyptian security officer who tried to break up a brawl between two groups of UAE national youth at Marina Club here last Thursday, paid a heavy price. He lost an eye in the rescue act. . . . Speaking about the incident, he said his boss asked him to disperse a brawling group in the club. “We are used to such things as they are part of our duty, but this time, it was different,” he said, adding that when he asked the groups to move out and continue with their fight, the youngsters, many of them drunk, used abusive language against him and assaulted him. His colleagues gathered and tried desperately to pull him out of the crowd. One of the youngsters later identified as Khalifa Al Mazrwai hit him with an empty bottle in the right eye. . . . Hazim recognised the accused who hit him with the bottle in an identification parade. He claimed that family members and friends of the accused visited him at the hospital and requested him not to press charges, but he rejected their plea.
It is rare for the media in the UAE to name names or to be specific when a negative story involves national youth.


Blogger secretdubai said...

It used to be rare for them to name names at all, regardless of the age, and I wondered if this was as much for local privacy customs as for the fear of coincidence defamation, given there are probably about 8,000 Ahmed Mohammeds here.

But now they give out names all the time. It seems to be a real sea change.

3:25 AM  

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