Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gas stations face mandate to hire Saudi supervisors :: Arab News

Many Saudis with middle school and high school certificates were originally happy with the decision to Saudize the industry. When they applied however, they were surprised at the low salaries — SR700 a month maximum [US$187]— and the tough working conditions. Many thought it unfair that they work for long hours for such a small salary, Al-Madinah reported. . . . Abdullah Balhareth [a] gas station owner, said: “We cannot depend on Saudis to work in this job because it needs patience. It needs constant supervision on workers, honesty and a great deal of trust because they will be dealing with large amounts of cash.”
Are these Saudis currently unemployed? What is their alternative to earning $187/month? Why would Saudis be less honest and less likely to provide constant supervision? Is it because they are not subject to the same punishments for malfeasance? Would a record of dishonesty follow them if they are fired and looking for work elsewhere?

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