Saturday, June 18, 2005

GCC enters used car market :: Khaleej Times

Residents of the six GCC states may be forced to buy brand new cars as traffic chiefs in these wealthy countries have fixed the life expectancy of saloon cars to five years only. This rule, which is part of a unified GCC traffic law reviewed by the officials during their meeting here in Abu Dhabi, means that used cars may not any more be registered in these countries. The officials also fixed the life expectancy of buses at seven years and trucks for 15 years, Brigadier Suliman Saleh bin Jailan, Director of Traffic Department in Kuwait, and head of the Kuwaiti delegation to the meeting which concluded yesterday, told your favourite No. 1 newspaper Khaleej Times.
There is a legitimate concern driving the suggestion of such a heavy-handed approach. There are a number of unsafe vehicles on the roads. In my casual observation many of the trucks and truck trailers are in poor condition and create a hazard for all others using the highways. As well, there are ex pats just well enough off to afford a car, a car in poor condition. Notice that resorting to a fix time limit on vehicles would be an indication of a lack of confidence that a system of inspections would not be subject to great abuse.



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