Monday, June 27, 2005

No higher ed accreditation-free zones: Ministry:: Khaleej Times

QUOTE\ “No college or university located in the Free Zones of Dubai or any other emirate is above the accreditation rules,” he disclosed, cautioning parents and students to ensure that they join only accredited and recognised institutions in the UAE.

Several universities and colleges operating as branch campuses of reputed foreign institutions also need to be accredited by the CAA to ensure that the campus in the UAE is licensed by the Ministry of Education and will offer quality programmes and maintain high academic standards, the professor pointed out.

He admitted that there were several universities and colleges operating without being accredited by the Commission, but it will be the students who will suffer in future because credits of non-accredited institutions cannot be transferred for higher studies in accredited institutions within the UAE. Besides, the degrees will also not be recognised and accepted by institutions overseas if they are not attested by the Ministry in the UAE. /UNQUOTE



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