Monday, June 06, 2005

The other Craig Newmark :: NYT

In contrast to the "transaction marketplace," classifieds merely enable private parties to get in touch. Viewed in terms of technology and legalities, Craigslist provides nothing more than the newspaper classifieds. To consummate a deal, you're on your own.

But that seems to be all that its large and ever-growing base of fans desires. The offerings of Craigslist have never been more appealing, even though - or maybe because - it is retro in look and retro in its online technology. EBay uses an elaborate feedback apparatus to allow strangers who will never meet in person to feel safe doing business with one another. Craigslist does not need that apparatus. It is for locals only, and it is the one place that can fix you up with an entire life - job, shelter, furnishings, lover - at one stop, with minimal intermediation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're also a lot like a flea market, and like flea markets, maybe we're as much about people connecting as commerce.

who knows?


6:09 PM  

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