Sunday, June 05, 2005

Socialist International :: VoIP and ENUM

Richard Stastny on why he'd vote Yes to the EU:

I do not want to be seen anywhere near the camps of the core opponents, being a weird and dangerous melange of far-right (xenophobists) and far-left (antiglobalists), the unions and the useful idiots. Both left and right wings are known to be anti-democratic by history.
He adds:

I wonder why the left wing still chants the Socialist International. Nowadays it would be more feasible if they would drop the "Inter" part and rename the hymne to Socialist-National, going back to the roots: "Die Fahne Hoch" aka "The Horst-Wessel-Lied", to be chanted together in the common demonstrations.
When labor unions fear globalization that's another form of xenophobia.


Blogger GR said...

The left wing, or socialism; is internationalist. The 'national socialism' you hint at is effectively fascism, not socialist in any way.
The left wing opposition to the EU constitution is on the grounds of its bias towards business, and 'free trade'.
While a socialist will favour a federal Europe whose constitution protects workers' rights; and the entrepreneurially-inclined will favour protection of free trade - the document is so centrist it appeals to few.

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