Monday, June 13, 2005

Spray-On Mud Makes a Splash :: Wired
It's sold as a must-have accessory to give urban SUVs a whiff of the outback. But U.K. officials say drivers who use spray-on mud to avoid identification by police speed cams face hefty fines for obscuring their license plates.

Targeting self-conscious 4x4 owners whose rugged vehicles seldom see obstacles bigger than a speed bump, the enterprising British e-tailer behind Sprayonmud sells the scent of the countryside in a squirt bottle.

For 8 pounds (about $14.50), buyers get 0.75 liters (.85 quarts) of genuine filthy water, bottled from hills near the company's premises on the rural England-Wales border.
Via Marginal Revolution "markets in everything."

Given the level of speeding tickets distributed via police speed cams in the UAE there should be a large market for Sprayonmud here:
DUBAI — Incidents of Radar violations have witnessed a significant rise during the first four months of this year compared to previous years' statistics and averages, said Brigadier Engineer Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, Director of the General Traffic Department. "Radars in the emirate have caught 255,018 overspeeding cars, an average of 63,000 violations monthly and 2,125 daily," he said.

The previous year's statistics showed that this type of violation was a major traffic offence. "Over one and a half million overspeeding violations were reported during the past two and a half years with a monthly average 40,000 violations and a daily average 1,333," Brig. Eng. Safin said.


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