Sunday, July 24, 2005

Arab News has several telling stories today:

Man Faints on Finding Cell Phone Missing

Father Beats Up Daughter for Sending SMS to TV Channel

Saudi Woman Celebrates Divorce

Virtue Commission not to have female members. Quoting:
The emphatic denial came in response to enquiries about a report carried by Al-Riyadh Arabic newspaper recently. . . .

The article stated that the study would determine the possibility of establishing the unit based on Shariah regulations for women to be members and to conduct their duties.

The study would also define the female members’ role in participating with the men when entering places to follow up on complaints or tips — such as women tailor shops, shopping centers, amusement parks and wedding halls.

Officials at the commission headquarters in Riyadh refused to answer questions on whether it is conducting this study and whether they do have women working for them now and if not, why not. However, a commission member who did not wish to be named said, “The commission never has and never will employ women in an official capacity. The women you sometimes see accompanying the commission’s men in their jeep are their wives or sisters volunteering to act as advisers to other women in public places.”

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