Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Taxis refuse to take passengers at peak times :: Gulf News

The price of congestion:

"Just recently, I stopped over five taxis in Al Ghusais. When I mentioned the word Sharjah, the driver slammed the door shut and left. Some offered to drop me as far as the border of Dubai-Sharjah, by Al Mulla Plaza, but no further."

R. Joby, who lives in Dubai, said: "Most of the taxi drivers in Dubai are reluctant to take passengers to the busy areas. Recently, we waited in vain for over two hours for a cab. Later, we went home on a bus."

"When I inquired with a driver why it was difficult to get a taxi, he said he preferred to drive on roads, which would fetch him more money and where there are fewer traffic jams."
In a city that is "unwalkable".



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