Sunday, August 21, 2005

HCT 'will have to turn away students' :: GN

The government promises free education to nationals in government institutions of higher education, but now rations it. I wonder what criteria is used to ration the seats. I wonder why the level of funding is not sufficient to fulfill the bargain made with students that if they qualify they will get a seat. Has a decision been made that HCT will have to find other means of funding if it wishes to admit all qualified students? These means could include: private sector business funding, or shifting some of the financial burden to students.


The Higher Colleges of Technology will have to turn away qualified students because at its current level of funding it cannot provide them with quality education, said the UAE Minister of Education and the colleges' Chancellor.

Speaking at the Higher Colleges of Technology's (HCT) 18th annual conference, Shaikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan said: "This year we will have to turn away many qualified students because at our current levels of funding we cannot provide them with the quality education that is our hallmark.

"This issue is very serious and is commanding all our attention. We will continue to make the case that sufficient funding is essential to the success of HCT. We are exploring all possible options to secure the necessary funding."



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