Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Maids express preference for certain nationalities :: GN

Many housemaids are now expressing a preference for one nationality or another in personal adverts that are on display in some of Dubai's shops. For example, there is the "experienced maid" who is seeking "immediate employment with accommodation from a European family".

Another Sri Lankan maid who claims 12 years' experience in looking after children is looking for "full-time employment with an American or British family with sponsorship". When asked why she was advertising for an American or a European family, Francesca, a 37-year-old Filipina, said it was "just the Filipino way".

"Some of the families from other countries pay you less salary but make you work harder," she said. Francesca, who is currently in the UAE on a visit visa, said she would also happily work for a Chinese family, having spent 16 years employed by one in the past.

Radhika, 45, a Sri Lankan maid, said she preferred working with British, European and even Indian families because they treated maids well.

"I have experience working with these nationalities and it is quite good. I worked for three years for a British family in Dubai before they moved to Qatar. They treated me quite well. I was paid Dh1,400 a month. I used to get weekly days off and gifts for Christmas," she said. Radhika said she ironed, cleaned and babysat for the British family and the working hours were not excessive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this figures....makes perfect sense....

don't forget the maids that are raped, abused, and killed by rich, 'religious' (yet repressed) arab owners...

every human has some inherent concern for their own safety...

11:16 PM  

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