Thursday, August 04, 2005

One Saudi looks in the mirror :: Al-Watan


Facing northward, we see the world divided into two. All that we see to our right is a world of cheap laborers and maids. When we turn left there we see an infidel West. Based on this division, all it takes to judge a person is to know which part of that world they hail from.

We excel in judging others, always seeking ourselves as a unique brand of people. We are so different from others that we think we were created on a day different than the one in which all other humans were created.

This false sense of superiority is not only felt toward those who are geographically and emotionally far from us, but toward the very Muslim societies around us. We view ourselves as the only rightful Muslims while others practice questionable beliefs.

Our problem is that we refuse to look at the same mirror used by all other peoples in this world.

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