Wednesday, September 21, 2005

6,000 labourers involuntarily loan employer Dh5 million

Quoting the Gulf News:

at a meeting between the company and officials from the Labour Ministry, Dubai Residency and Naturalisation Department and Dubai police, company representatives said they could not pay all workers in one day. A senior company official said more than 6,000 workers had not been paid.

"We have to pay more than Dh5 million in salaries. There's no way we could have done that in 24 hours. The officials understood and we've set a new agreement."

Under the terms of the new agreement, 1,000 workers will be paid their May and June salaries every day. The company expects these payments to end on September 26. Between September 27 to September 30, all workers will be paid their July salaries. The company official said the August salaries would be paid in late November.
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