Friday, October 07, 2005

Knowledge Village continues to shrink :: 7DAYS

Officials at the Dublin Business School confirmed last night that it will close, saying it was unable to attract enough students to make it worthwhile.
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The school’s offices at Knowledge Village were completely empty yesterday. The furniture has been removed, and even the school’s website no longer works. “All courses have been discontinued and we assisted students in getting into other universities in UK and Ireland,” said the staff member. “There is no point in continuing with the course unless there are thirty registrations for each course. At present there are only five to seven students who have registered for various bachelor degrees,” the source added.
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The announcement comes just weeks after the University of Southern Queensland closed its doors, forcing hundreds of students to look elsewhere.
From an earlier time (2004), here's the vision behind Knowledge Village.


Blogger sandsOfTime said...

Not surprising. Too many of these industry-specific freezones have been setup with the idea that "if we make it, they will come". That idea may have worked in the 90's with Internet City, and even earlier in this decade. But with more competition coming from the other Gulf states (Especially Qatar's Education City who have Texas A & M, Carnegie Mellon university, Georgetown University, Cornell Medical College), the UAE's choices of Colleges that are above average are rather meager, and choices of Colleges that are truly World Class is non-existant.

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