Monday, October 03, 2005

Precedents have consequences :: Gulf News

Dubai: Hundreds of workers participated in four protests yesterday in Dubai to demand their wages and better living conditions, following a series of protests last month.

About 80 workers from three companies protested outside the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The three companies have a common manager. All the workers are from the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
. . .
Labour officials later said the company manager agreed to pay four months' salary this week, after they seized his passport.
. . .
Another 350 workers from a company tried to march to the ministry from Al Ghusais yesterday to demand four months' unpaid wages, but were stopped by police.
. . .
Senior labour officials have refused to comment on the protests. Other officials said the protest by workers at Al Hamed on September 19 set a precedent in two ways: the demonstration was public and the minister came down hard on the company's owners.


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