Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Reforming the education system :: Emirates Memoirs

We are graduating Memorizational Giants and Creative Midgets. No amount of excuses, apologism or half hearted efforts will change things. It is time for action to be taken.

Our Soviet-Like Education system is damaging the capability of our young people to think. Memorization should not be equal to education. By memorizing you are not encouraging people to think. You are turning them into useless dependents and parasites which will continue to feed off the Innvoations of others. The effects are horrendous. In my Engineering School, the guys tackle complex engineering problems with a database of memorized facts. Upon the changing of one small detail in the Question, their effort collapses. Widespread copying of answers goes on, because people have not been taught to think. And the teachers blame the students calling them stupid and lazy Emaratis when they cannot grasp the big picture of the situation.
Read the whole thing. Better, read the whole thing and then check out the other thoughtful posts at Emirates Memoirs. You may learn something.



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