Thursday, October 20, 2005

Running on Empty :: The Honolulu Advertiser
Oh those wascally unintended consequences


Several tow truck companies said yesterday the number of "out-of-fuel" roadside service calls have doubled — or more — since Hawai'i's first-in-the-nation gas cap law took effect on Sept. 1.

It's an unintended consequence of the state setting gas prices each week and announcing the new rate five days before it takes effect. Last Wednesday, the state announced that wholesale gas prices would drop 44 cents on Monday, encouraging drivers to run on fumes until the new price kicked in.

One driver clogged up rush-hour traffic Monday night on H-2's Ka Uka Boulevard off-ramp while trying to get to the pumps at the Waipio Costco, according to Oscar Vera, the owner of Pacific Towing.

This is also amusing.


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