Sunday, October 30, 2005

Smoke cabbage leaves then eat them.

UPDATE: "“There has been no hike in the customs duty imposed on cigarettes, so this is about the company that owns the cigarette brand. In fact the customs duty cannot be hiked unilaterally by one particular local authority, as there is a regional understanding in this regard, and such decisions are taken on an GCC-wide level,” the source explained. According to the source currently an import duty of 100 per cent is imposed on cigarettes on a “pack” basis. “In some countries, the duty is calculated on the number of sticks, but in others, including the UAE, it is done on packs. So if a pack is worth Dh3 when it reaches the port here, it enters the market with a value of Dh6 after the imposition of the duty,” the source explained.""


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