Monday, November 07, 2005

Cleanco makes 'The List' :: Khaleej Times

Assigned to work at various sites in Dubai, cleaners of the professional cleaning contractor, Cleanco, told Khaleej Times that they were fed up with the company’s lack of concern for their welfare despite their constant efforts to bring their plight to the notice of the management. “We have been working for the past four months without any assurance from our management as to when we will get our salaries. We have families back home who depend on us and we ourselves need money for our daily expenses,” one cleaner said.

The workers said they were supposed to receive a basic salary of Dh370 and food allowance of Dh100 per month. However, with the delay in payment of salaries, they were left with no choice but to approach loansharks for survival.
. . .
The cleaners said most of those working in the company for the past five to seven years had endured the abuse because of the fear of losing their job. Yet, some of their colleagues opted to have their visas cancelled instead of going through the stress.

Mohammed Gishun of Cleanco’s Accounts Department in Abu Dhabi confirmed that the cleaning staff in some of their sites do experience delays in receipt of their salaries because the management, in turn, has to wait for clients to pay them. However, an earlier media report quoted Lieutenant-Colonel Dr Mohammad Al Murr, Director of Dubai Police’s Human Rights Care Department, as saying that “companies could not claim non-payment for jobs completed by them as a ruse to deny payment to their labourers.”


Blogger The Devil's Advocate said...

Cleanco is one of the vilest organisations on earth. Just above Shell and Nestle circa the 80s.

Minimum wage!!!!!

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