Monday, November 28, 2005

DTC drivers resent different salaries :: Emirates Today

Dubai Transport admits it pays its drivers different wages depending on if they are male or female, married or unmarried.

Male drivers resent the fact that female drivers are getting paid more and have to work less.
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Ammar bin Tamim, DTC director of administration, explained the company’s decision: “The DTC has a special salary scheme for women to encourage them to enter this field, which was a very innovative idea for this region.
. . .
Female drivers are upset with the DTC because the company differentiates between married and unmarried women.
. . .
Talking about the disparity in the pay structures of married and unmarried drivers bin Tamim said married drivers have more expenses. “Therefore, they get a special allowance. We are not discriminating, this is a common practice. However the DTC is now considering unifying the salaries of the drivers,” he said.
DTC says its objective is to draw women into the field and it must pay a premium to attract them. It makes no claim that the women add more value to the business; one way that they might is if hiring women is visible positions projects an image of Dubai that Dubai, Inc. seeks to project.


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