Sunday, January 22, 2006

Public school teachers quit en masse to take advantage of retirement law :: Gulf News

Perhaps the idea is to replace the retiring teachers with underemployed staff from the Ministry of Education. (I'm jesting.)

People respond to incentives. The old law on teacher retirement requires you to work 15 years to earn a full pension; the new law would require 20 years. Teachers are rushing to retire under the old law.

It has proved difficult to attract sufficient numbers of teachers to government schools; changing the retirement age makes teaching that much less attractive. There's no mention of other changes to the compensation package. It's at least conceivable, though, that the idea is to redesign compensation in a way that attracts teachers who are inclined to stay in teaching for more than 15 years. But to do that the increase in the retirement age would have to be combined with an increase in teacher salaries.

For more, see my earlier post on the same subject.

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