Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Take Off Those Deep Tinted Glasses :: Adventures in Dubai

In answer to someone's defense of reckless driving, Keefieboy nails it:
So that's ok then. Nothing at all like me wanting to master the art of shooting by practicing with live ammunition in a crowded shopping mall.
. . .
When a country loses such a high proportion of its young men in avoidable traffic accidents, surely the authorities should be doing something. Better driver education, acceptance of personal responsibility and police/judicial enforcement unencumbered by wasta would be a good start.
Read the whole thing. Sorry to say, I don't think this behavior has anything to do with driver education, but has everything to do with socialization at home and in school. Including learning the art of wasta rather than respect for others. And, no, I am not a perfect driver and I have driven recklessly especially when I was younger.


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