Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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A good thought: Let's improve the understanding of America by offering an American studies minor to students attending university in the Gulf.

Okay, let's see what an American studies minor looks like.

Over at the University of New Hampshire you'll find courses like American Literature, History of Early America, Place & Popular Culture, Music and Social Change, The American Presidency, and Activism: Reproductive Rights. Hmmm. Okay, except maybe that last one. Funny - no economics courses.

At Boston College "he over-arching subjects an American Studies minor investigates are race, class, ethnicity and gender." No economics. Courses offered include Nature in American Culture, America's War in Vietnam, American Film Genres, Black Women and Feminism, R&B.

At the College of Charleston, economics is included. Among the courses that can be taken towards the minor: People and Cultures of Early America, American Architecture, Urban Economics, Jewish-American Literature, American Labor History, Religions in America, Southern Politics, Substance Abuse and Society, and Extremist Politics.

In Gulf, what would such a minor look like? Several American fill-in-the-blanks come to mind: history, politics, foreign policy, culture, and race and class. It's hard to understand America without studying religion in America; thought ought to be another. As far as economics goes, students who take principles of economics and spend a lot of time studying market economies are seeing economics from a largely American perspective.


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