Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blogs on the portside

John J. Miller provides an extract from Instapundit's WSJ ($) op-ed today. Here's a key sentence of interest to UAE denizens:
Some bloggers, meanwhile, were having second thoughts. One of them was me: Although my initial reaction was negative, I started getting emails from readers -- some of them longtime correspondents -- who had experience with the UAE. One had served alongside troops from the Emirates in Afghanistan; another had spent time in Dubai. Some had worked with UAE ports officials. All were positive.
John J. Miller adds, "For what it's worth, that roughly describes the arc of my own thinking on the ports--initial skepticism, but growing acceptance as I learned more about the deal, especially from the blogosphere."

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Blogger TigerHawk said...

As you know, some of us weren't against the deal from the get-go.

2:44 AM  

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