Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Iran denies wanting to "wipe Israel off the map" :: Boston.com
"Nobody can remove a country from the map. This is a misunderstanding in Europe of what our president mentioned," Manouchehr Mottaki told a news conference, speaking in English, after addressing the European Parliament. "How is it possible to remove a country from the map? He is talking about the regime. We do not recognize legally this regime," he said.
Word games. You are equating infeasility with denial. So you intend to wipe the regime off the map?And what do you mean by regime? The democratically elected government, or the democratically elected government and the electorate?

It seems to me you are saying not only do you not recognize the right of the state of Israel to exist, but you are prepared to do something to make sure it does not exist. Why mince words?



Blogger EclectEcon said...

I wondered if the phrase "regime change" might come back to haunt the west.

11:51 PM  

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