Thursday, February 09, 2006

Nationals to take over HR job sector :: Gulf News

The human resources sector will soon be only for UAE nationals, if the emiratisation of the public relations officer sector is successful, the Minister of Labour confirmed yesterday.

The Minister said he is searching for solutions to help thousands of unemployed UAE nationals work in a market producing thousands of vacancies annually.
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Al Ka'abi said the Ministry was actively studying work contracts for UAE national PROs, following company complaints that some PRO freelancers had disappeared with sensitive company information, and had left transactions incomplete. He urged companies facing difficulties with the UAE national PRO they had hired to contact the Ministry.
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He said even though 300,000 vacancies were created every year, the country's own labour laws discouraged companies hiring UAE nationals. "Right now expatriates cost less, can't leave their sponsor, and don't have a pension programme. "That's why we allowed some [expatriate worker] sectors to move sponsors more easily last year," he said.
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insurance companies don't want to hire nationals because they are concerned they will leave after the company has spent time and money training them." He said Tanmia was now studying a proposal for UAE nationals to hold shares in insurance companies they work for, making the sector more attractive, and ensuring nationals retain loyalty to their workplace.
Emphasis added. The notion that the country's own labor laws make nonnationals more attractive to employers is one of the recurring themes of this blog.

What about the idea of having UAE nationals hold shares in the companies they work for? That is a proposal that will require careful study. It may sound like a good idea for creating loyalty, but there are pitfalls. The Ministry needs to ask itself - how does this create loyalty?

Companies complain that they have a problem with nationals leaving after the company has trained them. The straightforward way to remove this obstacle to hiring nationals is for the government to pay for the training. The problem companies are facing now is that they are trying to recoup the cost by keeping the wages of trained nationals below the outside offers those nationals can generate once they are trained.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the UAE has developed a culture of wetnursing its nationals. UAE National's expectations are linked to pasts excesses. Work expectations that have been fostered by cosy overstaffed overpaid inefficient government and monopoly organisations, the liberal use of wasta/nepotism and the construction of an economy based on expatriate rent and 'sponsorhip' income. A strong dose of meritocracy and harmonisation in wage and working conditions between the private and public sector should aid emiratisation.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous UAE National said...

9th January'08

I am a UAE National with 6 years of total work experience.I have been applying for vacancies and jobs since the past 3 months. No recruitor or company has taken much interest in recruiting me, except for 2. Recruitment Companies like 'Clarendon Parker' and 'IQ Selection' who claim to source the best UAE National talent have not taken any interest in helping me locate the job that I'm interested in. As an HR Professional these agnecies failed to help me source out Nationals as well and now they are failing again to source out a god opportunity for me and some other locals I know of. I have written to them, however no one has taken any interest in helping me out.
I'm a 28 Year old UAE National with work experience commencing from 2002 till date (continous). This shows my committment and passion.
It is so sad that all recruitment agencies in Dubai do not have UAE Nationals working for them. It is also sad that not 'all' jobs are for UAE Nationals. Only limmitted opportunities are available for UAE Nationals.
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