Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cartoons Overboard

Over at UAE community blog, Fahad has done us the great favor of compiling How do US editorial cartoonists picture the UAE?

If you're not in the US (where I guess you've already by inundated with these images) go take a look at the whole thing. My fellow residents of the UAE need to see how the UAE is being portrayed.

My assessment is that these cartoons fail a basic test of a good editorial cartoon: that there be at least the essence of truth to them.

Without that you're left with racism pure and simple.

There is no ignorance or stupidity defense as in the case of Lynndie England, 22, of Fort Ashby, West Virginia. The cartoonists, their editors and the buyers of their newspapers know what they are doing. Except that they appear to be oblivious to the fact that they are representing America to the rest of the world, and doing a great job of shooting themselves in the foot. They are the responsible parties for their irresponsible behavior.

Note: I do not deny that it is legitimate to question foreign ownership, to look into the background of that ownership, and to investigate whether whether port security would be compromised.

UPDATE: There is a very positive string of comments developing under Fahad's post. I'm pleased there are fellow Americans back home stepping up to say they side with Dubai.
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Blogger Richard said...

Take a gander at this mainstream political cartoon site. It's absolutely disgusting. For every decent cartoon on the issue there are 4 that pander to the worst nativist instincts.

2:58 PM  

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