Sunday, March 19, 2006

Heavens to Betsy: Betsy's Page is back.

What a long, strange trip it's been:
Then, today, I got a message from Blogger saying that they had recovered my blog and that somehow I had gotten caught up in some massive “automated spam prevention system" action that had thought that my blog was spam. Huh?! Then, the kicker was that they weren't yet ready to give me back my URL but would try to negotiate with the blogjacker who had put up a false Betsy Page using my URL. Huh?! The guy had just appropriated my URL yesterday and they had to ask him pretty please to give it back? Fortunately, after about five hours, they decided that, since all the content and comments had been deleted on the fake Betsy page, that they would kindly restore my URL to me. Thank you.

Google, I think we have a problem.

Welcome back, Betsy.

Betsy provided The Emirates Economist one of its first links, and certainly one of its highest ranked links ever. If you have not visited Betsy's Page you should.


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