Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shrinks hemorrhoidal tissue
Legally blind

Preparation H used the marketing phrase "shrinks hemorrhoidal tissue" for many years. For all I know they may do so still. In one long running TV commercial, or series of commercials, the spokesmodel would put his hands out about 2 feet apart and as he said "shrinks hemorrhoidal tissue" he would shrink the distance to one foot.

As one comedian famously stated while doing the hand motion, "if this is your problem, this is not a solution."

That's what we thought of when we saw this article in the Khaleej Times today.

The UAE has laws on the books to protect workers, but the effort and resources devoted to enforcing the laws is miniscule. The UAE may not be blind to the exploitation (employer malfeasance) of the most vulnerable of workers. But we all know people who are not totally blind, but who are Legally Blind.

Wasn't that made into a movie?


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