Thursday, April 20, 2006

US immigration debate: Let's go to the economics :: New Economist

Doh! I should have gone straight to New Economist in search of the best and most thorough roundup of the economics of immigration surrounding the US immigration debate. It's all there, all neatly outlined and hyperlinked.

Go read the whole thing.

And New Economist also has excellent recent posts on other labor market topics:

The young: More on China's demographic trends

The old: The rise of the older worker

The restless?: A guide to womenomics



Blogger sheikha cheryl said...

I think we should give citizenship to all the "illegals" that are already in the US. Then, they will be documented and pay taxes for the services which we are already providing to them for free. This won't happen because of partisan politics regarding immigrants and how they traditionally vote. We need to have a more progressive and proactive immigration policy that is not-partisan. If you want the votes, work for them.

THe US need immigrants; it's a nation built on immigrant labor; they work harder than native born US citizens and for the most part will fill many lower paying jobs. They, as a group are much more motivated than native born US citizens because they usually come from much more extreme circumstances.

We also have a brian drain in the US due to serious lack of investment in education. With this in mind we should actively recruit skilled and educated foreigners to become citizens. This view is based on the lack of planning and foresight for the comming epidemic in healthcare with the retiring "babyboomers", and the debacle that is going to become Social Security. As citizens that know we will never see a dime of SS, we save accordingly, we consider SS just another giveaway on our part to the Federal govt to squander.

I also believe that the Federal govt. should use the military to enforce US borders, it shouldn't be the problem of the border states. The coast guard patrols the waters, so what about the land borders?

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