Thursday, May 18, 2006

Greg Mankiw unleashed

Greg Mankiw - formerly chair of Bush's Council of Economic Advisors - is providing up lots of fresh and simple posts. At the end of the day, economics isn't so complicated and it does have a lot to say. A sampler of recent posts:

> The Morality of the Global Economy. Where Mankiw proves he still holds the early work of Paul Krugman in high regard. Also makes me wonder what Mankiw would have to say about the demands the US is making regarding labor rights in its trade talks with the UAE.

> The Internet and its effect on the hothouse advantage of elite universities. The analysis raises the question: Does the internet make it easier to attract faculty to new universities in remote locations. Like here in the UAE? What would the development of higher education in the GCC look like today if not for the internet? It's made it easier to get an American education without going to the US, and that's a good thing. I wonder if it also made countries less anxious about the human-to-human disintermediation effects of 9/11. And is that a good thing?

> Gas prices and funkiness in the rental car market. We saw the same thing in the rental market here in the UAE when gas prices were allowed to rise by 33% last year. It ain't funky, it's basic economics.

> Economics. It is a science. This post drew more than the usual number of comments.

> The French. What more can we say? Is hypocrite a French word? It ought to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon, John: "What more can we say? Is hypocrite a French word? It ought to be."

The kind of reflexive anti-French sentiment this shows, so typical of the right wing in the U.S., is beneath you.

Want to hear about hypocrites? How about the U.S.'s recent policies in, say, Iraq. Or its fifty-year history of supporting authoritarian but anti-communist regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere in the name of democracy and freedom. Hypocracy is not limited to France.

Enjoy your vacation! :-) (no, I mean that - really).

7:29 PM  

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