Friday, May 05, 2006

Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs: "Most of the unskilled workers come to Dubai through illegal means" :: Khaleej Times

Most? Probably he is including lies by recruiting agents and charges to workers that law says must be paid by the agent/employer:
The minister revealed that the government will make amendments to the country’s Immigration Act in an effort to punish and imprison the unscrupulous recruiting agents. The new law will ensure jail sentences for recruiters who cheat workers.

“Most of the unskilled workers come to Dubai through illegal means. Despite paying huge amounts as high as Rs100,000, to get their visas, they end up earning as low as Dh450 a month,” he said, blaming recruiting agents for promising the workers a better pay and glorious future.

"Most of the workers only manage to earn just half of what they are promised. All Indian embassies and consulates in the region will regularly report to the government about the plight of Indian workers, especially those who have become victims of exploitation by unscrupulous recruiting agents," he said, expressing his satisfaction on the good work by the Indian missions in the UAE.
Both India and the UAE bear responsibility for regulating recruiting agents.

And let's not forget to consider that the recruiting agents are agents - who are the principals? Are they a representative of a UAE-based employer or of the workers that firm is hiring? Both. But the point is that the employer is not absolved of responsibility for the behavior of the agent. It is the responsibility of the UAE to hold those employers for the deeds of their agents.



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