Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Call-centre workers in strike protest :: 7DAYS

The protest - thought to be the first of its kind in Dubai by white-collared employees - was temporarily suspended after the management agreed to discuss the employees’ grievances. Among other things the employees of Skycom Communications are demanding that they be allowed to work a maximum eight-hour day.
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Many employees who called 7DAYS said they desperately want to quit the company but are being forced to stay on because the company has their passports. Atif Rehman, manager at Skycom, blamed non-performing employees for causing the problem. “We are paying them according to what has been agreed in the contract.”

When asked why the company was holding employees’ passports Atf said it was at the company’s discretion to do so.
"SkyCom Sky Communications is the Middle East's foremost Contact Center Service Provider. Its mother company, Advanced Communications Group (U.K.) is a major player in the web mobile phone market. Sky Communications, is a UK company which operates the 3 biggest call centers in the United Kingdom and Dubai UAE."

"SkyCom Sky Communications is looking for individuals who are qualified for the position of Call Center Agents. Successfuly applicants for Call Center Agents will have a great career in SkyCom Sky Communications. Be part of a high caliber call center operations based in Dubai. Sky Communications is now recruiting top-caliber Filipino call center agents to be part of their outbound call center operations based in Dubai, UAE. So if you have at least 1 year outbound call center experience, with a good command of English (preferably neutralized accent), highly motivated and with strong customer service/sales orientation, and ready to relocate to dubai immediately."

Emphasis added.


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I love to work with Skycom. They really look after us and Mr Atif Rahman is the most understanding & helpful manager you can ever get.

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